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HEQAM: A Developed Higher Education Quality Assessment Model
FedCSIS, 739-746, 2013
Ad-hoc on Demand Authentication Chain Protocol - An Authentication Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks
SECRYPT, 274-284, 2009
Sensor Replacement Based Energy Mapping
CAINE, 137-143, 2008
On the Role of Software Metrics in Applying Design Patterns
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 504-510, 2006
Modeling and Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Using Coloured Petri Nets and Design/CPN
Nord. J. Comput., 12(3):200-228, 2005
Requirements Scenarios Based System-Testing
SEKE, 252-257, 2004
Finding Global Paths in Distributed and Mobile Subgraphs
MAICS, 57-63, 2003
Remarks on Mereology of Relations
RelMiCS, 133-140, 2000
Towards a uniform relational semantics for tabular expressions
RelMiCS, 53-57, 1998
Modeling Multiagent Cooperation as Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solving
ECAI, 249-253, 1994
A Technique for Systems Architecture Analysis and Design Applied to the Satellite Ground System (SGS)
ICDCS, 131-140, 1984