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Rhetorical Browzing in Journalistic Texts: Preliminary Investigations
FedCSIS, 251-256, 2013
Memetic Algorithm with Population Management for the Two-dimensional Loading Vehicle Routing Problem with Partial Conflicts
IJCCI, 189-195, 2012
Voraussetzungen für die kamerabasierte, intracochleare Navigation
CURAC, 207-210, 2012
Minimal-invasive chirurgische Zugänge für Cochlear Implant Operationen - Ein Überblick
CURAC, 83-86, 2010
Intended Boundaries detection in Topic Change Tracking for Text Segmentation
NLPCS, 13-21, 2008
Transformation analysis methods for the BDSPN model
ICINCO-SPSMC, 135-141, 2007