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Implementing QVT in a Domain-specific Modeling Framework
ICSOFT (2), 304-307, 2010
Textual Syntax Mapping can Enable Syntactic Merging
ICSOFT (2), 308-311, 2010
Intermediate and Limiting Behavior of Powers of some Circulant Matrices
Ars Comb., 88, 2008
Supporting Design Patterns in Graph Rewriting-based Model Transformation
ENASE, 25-32, 2007
Model-Based Development with Validated Model Transformation
MDEIS, 39-48, 2006
A Visual Control Flow Language for Model Transformation Systems
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 194-199, 2006
A Flexible Attribute Instantiation Technique for Visual Languages
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 355-359, 2005
Compiling and Validating OCL Constraints in Metamodeling Environments and Visual Model Compilers
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 48-49, 2005
Software composition with a multipurpose modeling and model transformation framework
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 590-594, 2004
Supporting round-trip engineering in modeling environments with the application of meta-modeling techniques
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 178-182, 2004
Measuring the Perception of Visual Realism in Images
Rendering Techniques, 235-248, 2001
Width-reduction for a Linear Time Channel Routing Algorithm
Computers and Artificial Intelligence, 18(3), 1999