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Visual Analysis of Limited Area Boundary Conditions
MSV, 96-101, 2008
Impact of Using Test-Driven Development: A Case Study
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 126-129, 2006
A Simple Design to Implement a Dynamic Workflow Management System
ISWS, 118-120, 2005
Subgrid Scale Resolution of Geographic Information
IKE, 274-277, 2005
Switches and Routers and Servers, Oh My A Computer Science Learning Network
FECS, 156-160, 2005
Geolocating Marine Buoys in a Fully Immersive Three Dimensional Environment
MSV/AMCS, 69-73, 2004
A Mixed Directed-Undirected Data Structure for a Parallel Implementation of a Domain Decomposition Algorithm
BIT, 32(4):598-608, 1992