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Transient Region Coverage in the Propulsion IVHM Technology Experiment
IC-AI, 612-618, 2004
Experimental evaluation of DOCSIS 1.1 upstream performance
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, 257-263, 2004
"My Home Workplace is My Castle"
Woman, Work and Computerization, 268-275, 2000
A 3D Image Smoothing Method for Dynamic Functional Imaging
VIP, 99-100, 2000
Impact Analysis of Packet-Level Scheduling on an ATM Shared-Memory Switch
INFOCOM, 947-954, 1998
An Accurate Method for Large Least Squares Problems Involving Kronecker Products on the Connection Machine 5
PPSC, 1997
An ABR Feedback Control Scheme with Tracking
INFOCOM, 805-814, 1997
Formalizing Process Scheduling Requirements for an Aircraft Operational Flight Program
ICFEM, 161-, 1997
Delay Jitter Correlation Analysis for Traffic Transmission on High Speed Networks
INFOCOM, 717-727, 1995