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Virtual Machines for Virtual Worlds
CLOSER, 108-113, 2012
Effective Policy based Management of 3D Mule - An Exploratory Study Towards Developing Student Supportive Policy Considerations
CSEDU (1), 193-199, 2012
Extending the Use of Virtual Worlds as an Educational Platform - Network Island: An Advanced Learning Environment for Teaching Internet Routing Algorithms
CSEDU (1), 279-284, 2011
Towards Effective Blended Learning with 3D MUVE - An Analysis of Use Case Implementations for 3D MUVE Learning
CSEDU (2), 46-55, 2011
A Computer Games Approach to Exploratory Learning - LAVA: A Case Study in System Design
WEBIST (3), 470-476, 2007
End to end adaptation for the web matching content to client connections
ICETE, 131-136, 2005
An Evaluation Framework for the Analysis of Covert Channels in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
ECIW, 205-214, 2005
End to End Defence Against DDoS Atacks
ICWI, 325-333, 2004
A quality of service aware Web server
ICWI, 953-956, 2004