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Semantic Relatedness of Wikipedia Concepts - Benchmark Data and a Working Solution
LREC, 2018
Review - The GMAP: A Versatile Tool for Physical Data Independence
ACM SIGMOD Digital Review, 1, 1999
Review - Answering Recursive Queries Using Views
ACM SIGMOD Digital Review, 1, 1999
Review - Complexity of Answering Queries Using Materialized Views
ACM SIGMOD Digital Review, 1, 1999
Review - Decidable Reasoning in Terminological Knowledge Representation Systems
ACM SIGMOD Digital Review, 1, 1999
Verifying Integrity Constraints on Web Sites
IJCAI, 614-619, 1999
Answering queries using views: algorithms, applications and opportunities
BDA, 1998
Warehousing and incremental evaluation for Web Site management
BDA, 1998
Catching the boat with Strudel: experiences with a Web Site management system
BDA, 1998
Proceedings of the 1997 International Workshop on Description Logics, Université Paris-Sud, Centre d'Orsay, Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique LRI, France
410, 1997
Verification of Knowledge Bases: a Unifying Logical View
EUROVAV, 7-18, 1997
Recursive Plans for Information Gathering
IJCAI (1), 778-784, 1997
Switching Terminologies - Creating a New View of An Old World: Preliminary Report
Description Logics, 79-83, 1996
CARIN: A Representation Language Combining Horn Rules and Description Logics
ECAI, 323-327, 1996
The World Wide Web as a Collection of Views: Query Processing in the Information Manifold
VIEWS, 43-55, 1996
Combining Rules and Description Logics: An Overview of CARIN
ILPS, 635, 1995
A Semantic Theory of Abstractions
IJCAI, 196-203, 1995
Semantic Query Optimization in Datalog Programs
ILPS Workshop: Constraints and Databases, 1994
Exploiting Irrelevance Reasoning to Guide Problem Solving
IJCAI, 138-145, 1993
Equivalence, Query-Reachability, and Satisfiability in Datalog Extensions
Workshop on Deductive Databases, JICSLP, 1-10, 1992