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Educators program from the 30th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques, 2003, San Diego, California, USA, July 27 - 31, 2003
Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference on Web Graphics, in conjunction with the 30th annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, San Diego, California, USA, July 27-31, 2003
Wavelet based antialiasing of computer images
Computers and Their Applications, 299-302, 1998
Interactive curves and surfaces - a multimedia tutorial and CAGD
Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN: 978-1-55860-405-6I-XXII, 1-192, 1996
The Design of Physically Accurate Fluid Flow
Geometric Modelling, 165-175, 1996
An Alchemist's Primer on Reaction-Diffusion Patterns
Scientific Visualization, 373-393, 1994