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AnT&CoW: Share, Classify and Elaborate Documents by means of Annotation
JDIM, 6(1):61-70, 2008
Annotation: textual media for cooperation
IWAC, 41-50, 2005
A Web-based Annotation System for Improving Cooperation in a Care Network
ICWE Workshops, 227-239, 2004
Building Ontologies from Texts
EGC, 357, 2001
An Ontology-Based Approach to Information Retrieval
EJC, 275-278, 2000
Proceedings of the 4th Student Session of ESSLLI'99 (European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information 1999), Utrecht, The Netherlands, August 9-20, 1999
On the Structure of the Romanian Relative Clauses
Sci. Ann. Cuza Univ., 769-90, 1998
A Unification-Based Model for Speech Generation
Sci. Ann. Cuza Univ., 493-104, 1995