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Link Clouds and User-/Community-Driven Dynamic Interlinking of Resources
LWA, ABIS:38-43, 2009
New Tagging Paradigms for Enhancing Collaboration in Web 2.0 Communities
LWA, ABIS:32-37, 2009
Implicit Social Network Construction and Expert User Determination for Context-Aware Web Portal Environments
Informatiktage, 119-122, 2009
Adaptive Portals: Adapting and Recommending Content and Expertise
LWA, 44-50, 2008
Towards an Automatic Service Composition for Generation of User-Sensitive Mashups
LWA, 14-16, 2008
Adaptive Treemap Based Navigation Through Web Portals
LWA, 51-54, 2008
An Analysis Dashboard for Evaluating System Performance and User Behavior in Web
Informatiktage, 137-140, 2008
Using Unstructured Data Analysis and Semantic Tagging for the Adaptation of Portal Environments
Informatiktage, 141-144, 2008