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Continuous Dynamic Mapping of the Corticospinal Tract during Surgery of Motor Eloquent Intra-axial Brain Tumors
CURAC, 217-219, 2016
Beschreibung der Plattformabhängigkeit eingebetteter Applikationen mit Dienstmodellen
MBEES, 31-40, 2011
EFSAT - An Exact and Efficient Triangle Intersection Test Hardware
GRAPP, 355-360, 2009
Functional mapping of the cortex - surface based visualizations of functional MRI
CARS, 1246, 2004
Functional neuronavigation - risk grading for surgery in close proximity to eloquent motor cortex
CARS, 1280, 2004
Accuracy and applicability of laser surface scanning as new registration technique in image-guided neurosurgery
CARS, 678-683, 2004
An Illustration Technique Using Hardware-Based Intersections
Graphics Interface, 175-182, 1999
Annotation von topographisch komplizierten 3D-Modellen
SimVis, 128-140, 1998
Coherent Zooming of Illustrations with 3D-Graphics and Text
Graphics Interface, 105-113, 1997
User-centred design in the development of a navigational aid for blind travellers
INTERACT, 220-227, 1997