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Synthesis of Parallel Sorting Networks using SAT Solvers
MBMV, 71-80, 2011
Generating Deterministic $\omega$-Automata for most LTL Formulas by the Breakpoint Construction
MBMV, 119-128, 2008
Adaptive Reading Assistance for Dyslexic Students: Closing the Loop
LWA, 389-391, 2007
Tracking multiple objects using the viterbi algorithm
ICINCO-RA, 18-25, 2006
A switching algorithm for tracking extended targets
ICINCO, 126-133, 2005
Synthesizing deterministic controllers in supervisory control
ICINCO, 24-31, 2005
A unified model checking framework for the supervisor synthesis problem
GALOP, 140-156, 2005
Tracking of Extended Crossing Objects Using the Viterbi Algorithm
ICINCO (2), 142-149, 2004
Toward Cognitive Tutoring in a Collaborative, Web-Based Environment
ICWE Workshops, 167-179, 2004