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Middleware for building pervasive systems
IADIS AC (1), 291-298, 2009
Mobile Interaction with the Real World 2008, MIRW 2008, Mobile HCI Workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-8142-2134-2, 2008
Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World
MIRW, 9-14, 2008
Enabling Natural Interaction by Approaching Objects
LWA, 50-55, 2005
Designing Audio-Augmented Environments
IWUC, 113-118, 2004
Functional mapping of the cortex - surface based visualizations of functional MRI
CARS, 1246, 2004
Functional neuronavigation - risk grading for surgery in close proximity to eloquent motor cortex
CARS, 1280, 2004
A Management-aware Software Development Process Using Design Patterns
Integrated Network Management, 579-592, 2003
Abschlußbericht der GI-Arbeitsgruppe "Vergleichende Analyse von Problemstellungen und Lösungsansätzen in den Fachgebieten Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering und Knowledge Engineering"
EMISA Forum, 7(2):11-58, 1997
Dynamic forms: an enhanced interaction abstraction based on forms
INTERACT, 362-367, 1995