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Back Channel in Interactive Digital Television Systems: Strategies for Prototyping Applications using an Interactive Service Provider - Internet Computing - Interactive and Multimedia Web Applications
ICEIS (5), 130-135, 2009
Short-Term Cepstral Analysis Applied to Vocal Fold Edema Detection
BIOSIGNALS (2), 110-115, 2008
Laryngeal Pathology Detection by LPC and LPC-based Cepstral Analysis
BIOCOMP, 305-310, 2008
A Platform Based on Java and XML for Prototyping Interactive Digital Television Programs - Interactive Multimedia Systems, Human-Computer Interaction
ICEIS (5), 245-252, 2007
Using MPEG-Based Technologies for Building Personalized Multimedia Interactive Environments with Context-Awareness Requirements: Development of an Application for Interactive Television
ICEIS, 180-183, 2005
Tools for Authoring and Presenting Structured Teaching Material in the WWW
WebNet, 1998
Toward a logic for numerical approximations
RITA, 3(2):147-166, 1996