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A Multi- versus a Single-classifier Approach for the Identification of Modality in the Portuguese Language
LREC, 2018
Bioimpedance Parameter as a Risk Factor to Assess Pine Decay - An Innovative Approach to the Diagnosis of Plant Diseases
BIODEVICES, 35-46, 2013
Vision-based Hand Pose Estimation - A Mixed Bottom-up and Top-down Approach
VISAPP (1), 566-573, 2013
Robust Iris Segmentation under Unconstrained Settings
VISAPP (1), 180-190, 2013
EKF based Data Fusion using Interval Analysis via Covariance Intersection, ML and a Class of OGK Covariance Estimators
ICINCO (1), 610-613, 2012
Timed Trajectory Generation for a Vision-based Autonomous Mobile Robot in Cluttered Environments
ICINCO (2), 431-434, 2012
Motorbike Modeling and Control
ICINCO (2), 249-254, 2012
Expression of Emotions through Body Motion - A Novel Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
ICINCO-RA, 465-470, 2009
Low cost sensing for autonomous car driving in highways
ICINCO-RA (2), 370-377, 2007
Semiotics and human-robot interaction
ICINCO-RA, 58-65, 2006
Kinematic modeling of stewart-gough platforms
ICINCO, 93-99, 2005