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Social-GTD for Collaborative Activity Support in Organizations
KMIS, 341-345, 2012
Digital Laryngoscope - A New Force Measuring Laryngoscope
BIODEVICES, 368-371, 2012
Output Matters! Adaptable Multimodal Output for New Telerehabilitation Services for the Elderly
AAL, 23-35, 2011
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability of Health as a Conceptual Framework for the Design, Development and Evaluation of AAL Services for Older Adults
AAL, 46-59, 2011
Assessment of the Change in the Number of Neurons in Hidden Layers of Neural Networks for Fault Identification in Electrical Systems
ICEIS (2), 309-313, 2010
E-problem: Electronic based resolution of learning problems
IADIS AC (2), 249-253, 2009
Artificial Neural Network Approach for Obesity-hypertension Classification
BIOSIGNALS, 514-520, 2009
Scheduling Decision-Making Using Web Service
ICETE (1), 169-176, 2004
Um Sistema de Carregamento por Lotes de Conteúdos Web
JISBD, 771-774, 2003
A Strategy for the Interpolation of Surfaces through the Use of Basis Functions
GeoInfo, 2003
Developing a Web Scheduling System Based on XML Modeling
BASYS, 61-70, 2002