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Epistemic Diversity as Distribution of Paper Dissimilarities
ISSI, 2015
A Link-based Memetic Algorithm for Reconstructing Overlapping Topics from Networks of Papers and their Cited Sources
ISSI, 2015
Ontology-Based Consideration of Electric/Electronic Architectures of Vehicles
MBEES, 133-146, 2011
Wissensverarbeitung - eine Einführung in die künstliche Intelligenz für Informatiker und Ingenieure (2. Aufl.)
Elsevier Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, I-XVI, 1-379, 2007
Vector Quantization Based Data Selection for Hand-Eye Calibration
VMV, 21-28, 2004
Increased safety in robotic skull base surgery with redundant navigation and automated registration
CARS, 545-548, 2004
A hybrid method for registration of interventional CT and ultrasound images
CARS, 492-497, 2004
A novel robot system for fully automated paranasal sinus surgery
CARS, 633-638, 2003
Performance Analysis of Nearest Neighbor Algorithms for ICP Registration of 3-D Point Sets
VMV, 199-206, 2003
Linux companion for systems administrators
Addison-Wesley-Longman, ISBN: 978-0-201-36044-8I-XVII, 1-501, 1999
Towards Human Friendly Robots: Vision-based Interfaces and Safe Mechanisms
ISER, 487-498, 1999
3-D Facial Pose and Gaze Point Estimation Using a Robust Real-Time Tracking Paradigm
FG, 142-147, 1998
Gruppengröße, Nachrichtenmenge, Kohä;renzprobleme und Informationsorganisation beim Leinen in Netzen
Herausforderungen an die Wissensorganisation (ISKO Tagung), 105-114, 1997
DV-Versorgung an Hochschulen
GI Jahrestagung, 375-380, 1993
European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches for Uncertainty
KI, 6(2):42, 1992