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Context Modeling and Context Transition Detection in Software Development
ICSOFT, 477-484, 2012
Using Contextual Information to Improve Awareness in Software Development(S)
SEKE, 349-352, 2011
Adaptive Software Transactional Memory: A Dynamic Approach to Contention Management
PDPTA, 40-46, 2008
ELML, the E-Lesson Markup Language - Developing Sustainable E-Learning Content Using an Open Source XML Framework
WEBIST (2), 180-187, 2006
Issues in the organisational and change context for innovations using ICT in higher education
TelE-Learning, 193-200, 2002
Foundations for a Theory of Contextors
CADUI, 13-34, 2002
Content-Based Reconfiguration for Embedded, Hybrid Computing
CAINE, 5-7, 2002
On the limit values of probabilities for the first order properties of graphs
Contemporary Trends in Discrete Mathematics, 317-336, 1997
Using CONVECTIS, A Context Vector-Based Indexing System for TREC-4
TREC, 1995
Focusing Attention for Observational Learning: The Importance of Context
IJCAI, 562-567, 1989